An initial site assessment is undertaken outlining the presence of any invasive plants or ecological issues. The issues will be mapped, a report written and submitted to the client with recommendations for consideration. At this point a decisive, cost effective eradication strategy will be put in place.

A price guarantee can be given in writing with a proposal of applications and timing schedule.

To comply with current regulations we follow strict guidelines before carrying out any work.


Risk Assessment

Job description, infestation types are documented, treatment procedure options are considered, factors which may influence these are as follows

  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Water Courses
  • Housing
  • Footpaths
  • Playgrounds & Schools
  • Physical Hazards, trees, pylons, ditches, wind drift susceptibility, steep & unstable ground

The aim is to outline obvious factors needing due consideration and documentation.



Upon the completion of the risk assessment biosecurity measures must be outlined and put in place following the codes of best practise. Biosecurity is essential on all sites at all times to reduce the risk of spreading any invasive plant.


Method Statement

Once the risk assessment has been fully considered, and biosecurity measures have been put in place the next stage is to put forward a method statement. The method will include an explanation to the client of application procedures, an understanding of the products which will be recommended by the surveyor and the operating parameters which will have taken into account all elements of risk. Timing of application and weather considerations have to be outline and equipment types best suited to the tasks are now also considered.


Treatment Recommendations

This is the responsibility of the PCA approved surveyor who can give clear direction of a robust treatment programme.

All products will be given approval supported by up to date formulation carrying current legal recommendations.


Application Technique

Application procedure to give maximum efficacy with minimum waste and environmental impact. Using the most appropriate technology to gain the most efficient application.


Management Plan & Ongoing Monitoring

A detailed management plan including site description, management objectives, levels of infestation, treatment recommendations, as well as actions to be taken to be taken to prevent further spread etc will be created.

Ongoing monitoring of infestation site to include follow-up inspections, updated reports and photo documentation – when the infestation is under control a signing off certificate is issued.

Our approach at The Japanese Knotweed Company is to make a measured assessment during the initial site visit so that a clear understanding of operational requirements and safety issues can be fully appreciated by the client.


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