Our approach at The Japanese Knotweed Company is to make a measured assessment during the initial site visit so that a clear understanding of operational requirements and safety issues can be fully appreciated by the client.

All work pertaining to non-native invasive plants carried out by The Japanese Knotweed Company is in strict compliance with regulations 49 & 50.


Site Survey

A site survey is carried out to identify the presence of any non-native invasive plants that may be on site. The locations and levels of infestation that may be present are recorded by the Certified Surveyor and all data collected on the date of the survey is collated into a report that is submitted to the client with recommendations for consideration.


Treatment Recommendations

Treatment recommendations are made on completion of the Site-Specific Survey and are the responsibility of the PCA Certified Surveyor who can give clear direction of a robust treatment programme and timeframe of same.

STEP 3 (If applicable):

Site Specific Management Plan & Biosecurity Documents

If required, a Site Specific Management Plan complete with Site Specific Biosecurity Documents can then be designed and created. All sites are specific, as no two sites or no two infestations of non-native invasive plants are the same. Site surveys are carried out on all sites both domestic and commercial and treatment recommendations are made on both accordingly. The creation & design of Site Specific Management Plans & Biosecurity Documents is however, generally speaking for commercial sites only.


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